Sexy Dessous-Uniform Temptation Sailor Suit Student Wear Sexy Nightclub Show Campus Role Play Women es Sexy Naughty School Girl Dress and Stockings

Sexy Dessous-Uniform Temptation Sailor Suit Student Wear Sexy

ProduktbeschreibungFarbe: WeißGrößeninformation: Schulter: 38cmTaillengröße: 70-76cmBust size:72-96cmTop Länge: 29cmRock Länge: 30cm Material: SpandexKomfortabel, kuschelig sexy und verspielt; geeignet für die sexy Dame. Paket inklusive: 1 x Sailor Top 1 x Sailor Rock 1xT Hose

  • Brand: LIZI
  • Part No: 453-306-534

Mom Sent Back to School 3: Naughty mom is spanked (English Edition)

Mom Sent Back to School 3: Naughty mom

Rose unintentional ended up in school, replacing her stepdaughter in a classroom. With a complete makeover, and wearing a schoolgirl uniform, she is accepted by everyone as a teenager. Rose finds she can't just swap places with her daughter in the classroom, so she must keep up appearances for the rest of the week. Shirking her adult responsibilities is a refreshing change, but in return, her daughter takes control of the home, then her. With her responsibilities taken from her, and her daughter pushing her into the schoolgirl role, she acts like a silly teenager again. In a classroom of students she loses her adult common sense, and ends up with a young boyfriend. Being a schoolgirl again becomes enjoyable. Doing well in class, liked by her school friends, and with a boyfriend, this time around is a success. This series is a tale of role reversal between a mother and her daughter. There is explicit sex in each of the stories.

  • ASIN: B07BQK1P4V

The Naughty Stool (English Edition)

The Naughty Stool (English

This is the short story of Amelia, an 18 year old girl and student at St. Trinity’s, who dreams about being punished at college. Not because she fantasises about it, but because she is due to receive a punishment from her Principal at the end of the week, and is worrying about it. It is not until the Friday of that week that Amelia will find out what the punishment is, and then receive it from her Principal.Amelia has the dreams every night for four days, each dream taking her back to a different period in time when corporal punishment is given to both girls and boys.The earliest punishment goes back to Victorian times, when a young girl is given a barbaric punishment that is not for the faint-hearted. Then Amelia’s dreams go back to the 60s, when a cane is used on a girl’s hand. After that, the dreams become weirder as Amelia sees, in a dream, an experimental punishment from the 70s that would make every girl itch for days afterwards. In the final dream, from relatively modern times, but still in times of corporal punishment, Amelia is introduced to: 'The Naughty Stool' and the use of the cane extended.The Friday that she is punished, Amelia sees: ‘The Naughty Stool' becoming a reality, but not in the same way as in the dream. After all, we are in modern times!Find...

  • ASIN: B00IV3K3T6

Chloe: Children's Notebook handwriting Spelling 120 Pages (6 x 9) Lined

Chloe: Children's Notebook handwriting Spelling 120 Pages (6

  • ASIN: 1091644268

Learning Through Lust (English Edition)

Learning Through Lust (English

In this sizzling story, we meet student Tanya and professor Perry.Tanya was all about being a good student. Study hard, get good grades, become worthy of attention. Unfortunately her unorthodox study measures leads her into unprotected trouble for the first time with the dreamy, middle-aged professor Perry. Will she ever be the perfect student?Use the look inside feature to see just how wickedly hot this book gets.


Emily and the Priest (Power Play) (English Edition)

Emily and the Priest (Power Play) (English

“Emily…” He whispered her name and the sound was heaven. “Oh God, help me…” He kissed her and the sensation carried her skyward. FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING & AWARD WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITTHer first year away from home has been a disaster for shy, awkward Emily, falling in with the wrong crowd, just trying to fit in with the other girls. When Mark, the campus psychologist, takes her under his wing, she's more than grateful, and under his tutelage, Emily blossoms into ripe, luscious fruit, just ready to be plucked. By the time Mark realizes his mistake, it's too late--Emily has fallen for him, and he for her. God help them both.The COMPLETE Power Play Series!

  • ASIN: B009PGKP3C

Ivy and the Cop (Power Play) (English Edition)

Ivy and the Cop (Power Play) (English

“Officer Paxton, is that a gun in your pocket or…” He kissed her with surprising, sudden force, his mouth opening hers, not asking, demanding, forcing her to give him her tongue, his grip on her wrists tightening as the kiss grew deeper.. FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING & AWARD WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITTIvy's car has broken down in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere on the way back from a summer babysitting job, her cell phone neglectfully uncharged, and she's never been so grateful to see flashing lights in her rear view mirror. The familiar, rugged, gorgeous cop who comes to her rescue is sympathetic, inviting Ivy into the front seat of his cruiser where he intends to call for a tow-truck. But before he can get that far, their incessant flirting leads to Ivy's confession that she has a secret fantasy about cops, and officer Paxton declares himself off-duty--so he can play out Ivy's fantasy with her over the hood of the police cruiser. But there's more danger lurking than just being stranded by the side of the road, and Ivy finds herself in a quandary even her rescuer may not be able to save her from.The COMPLETE Power Play Series!


Ivy: Children's Notebook handwriting Spelling 120 Pages (6 x 9) Lined

Ivy: Children's Notebook handwriting Spelling 120 Pages (6

  • ASIN: 1091642516

Best Friends (First Time Lesbian Erotica) (English Edition)

Best Friends (First Time Lesbian Erotica) (English

Hey Jessica, can I tell you something? Kylie and Jessica are long time best friends. They attend Catholic school together and play on the same volleyball team. One afternoon, Kylie succumbs to secret feelings she's been hiding, and kisses Jessica.Best Friends is a 5,000-word erotic story about forbidden love and high-tension lesbian lust!All of the characters in this work of fiction are over the age of eighteen.

  • ASIN: B00HS8YH9W

Boarding School Menage (Taboo MFF First Time Erotica) (English Edition)

Boarding School Menage (Taboo MFF First Time Erotica)

“You’ll have to be gentle. It’s her first time.”During his very last month at a gloomy English boarding school, Timothy Brown has just one goal: Get into the pants of the principal’s daughter. The only girl allowed on campus, Holly Prior has a pious, strict demeanor, but as Timothy’s about to find out, the quiet ones always have a wild side. Even better, Holly has a pen pal staying with her the very next week, a young, innocent girl in need of some serious instruction – hard and without protection. “I can’t believe my luck. Even if I was to be expelled, if Old Man Prior himself was to barge in and find me deep in his daughter and her tanned pen pal, I could die safe in the knowledge my life is complete.”Warning: Contains a steamy MFF menage between two young girls and a horny guy, including creampies, oral sex, anal sex and countless orgasms. Strictly for adults only.From best-selling erotic author J D Cirque.Signup to the newsletter ( for all the latest releases and special offers, including instant access to three FREE ebooks deemed TOO HOT for Amazon.

  • ASIN: B00T6JX46I

Paid to Serve: All four books in the series (English Edition)

Paid to Serve: All four books in the

The bundle contains all four books in the Paid to Serve seriesBook 1: Paid to MisbehaveWhen Sasha arrives at Lisa’s house with her seventh new car, jealously rages deep within her. While Lisa’s mundane marketing job struggles to keep a roof over her head, Sasha grants sexual favours in return for large amounts of money from high end clients. Lisa refuses to be dragged into Sasha’s sleazy world, until finally her resolve breaks and she finds herself over the knee of a rich businessman, who is determined to punish this naughty little girl. Will Lisa be able to take her punishment and get out, or will she get dragged deeper into a world she does not understand?Book 2: Paid to Take Them AllWhen Lisa agreed to be the entertainment at a City trader’s stag party, she expected Sasha to help her satisfy the hoard of randy men, but Sasha had other ideas. Taking one aside for an intimate encounter, Lisa is left alone among a group of men all keen to grab their pound of flesh in a world where they are used to getting their own way.Finding her bare bottom spanked over the knee of one of them becomes welcome relief to the constant pounding of her loins, as the horny men queue to take their turn with her. Lisa must satisfy them all before she is allowed to escape their clutchesBook...


Back to School (English Edition)

Back to School (English

Imagine being sent back to school as an adult… being taken firmly in hand and punished for your naughtiness with a smacked bottom...That's exactly what happens to the unfortunate individuals in Back to School, the spanking hot collection of tales from Penelope Hasler and Becky Sharpe!Whether it's mother Pamela switching places with her daughter at a strict school, grown woman Leah being put into her old uniform and spanked by her boyfriend, or the long-overdue discipline Brad receives from his former art mistress, the punishments in these teasing tales are painful and the humiliation extreme.So if your inner student needs a good spanking, sneak this collection into your satchel and go Back to School!

  • ASIN: B005ZKJ9RK

Studying Sara: Lesson 1 (English Edition)

Studying Sara: Lesson 1 (English

When people first meet my step-sister Sara and me, they are often taken aback when they find out we are not related. Not only do we look alike, but we even manage to dress in a similar style even though we were opposite genders. It was almost as though we were twins separated at birth only to be reunited when her mother married my father. The only difference between us is she is a couple of months older. Other than that, we were almost identical. We had the same jet-black hair and dark green eyes, the same pale skin signaling how little we went outside, and even wore similar glasses. My father liked to joke that, if we cut Sara's long hair, he would have to get us name tags to tell us apart. When we first met, oh so many years ago, we did not get along at first. Our feelings quickly changed as we figured out we shared similar interests. Through the years, it became like a competition as we continuously tried one-upping each other. We both did well in school and—with the other being a constant source of competition—we always had someone there to keep driving us forward.Even though we had a friendly competition, we were still civil towards each other. I was better in subjects like history, English, and other liberal arts whereas Sara did better in math and science. We often stu...


Innocent Farm Girl: An E-Romance Novella (English Edition)

Innocent Farm Girl: An E-Romance Novella (English

“I ain’t sat an’ enjoyed the sunshine like this in... ever. Least not with such a beautiful lady.”Amy’s an innocent farm girl, though when she meets a strange, ruggedly handsome man in the forest, he wakes something in her. He tempts her first with his body, then seduces her with his kind heart.He's more than double her age, AWOL from the military, and in need of help. And she's in need of a partner, a lover, a man who appreciates her. When her pa finds out about her pregnancy, though, things take a dark turn, and only love can save them both.A steamy and loving romance novella with a HEA.Previously Published as Amy's Innocence.


School Discipline Bundle (Student/Teacher Spanking and Humiliation Erotica) (English Edition)

School Discipline Bundle (Student/Teacher Spanking and Humiliation Erotica)

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, taboo teacher/student relations, discipline, spanking, humiliation, submissiveness and dominance. All characters are 18 or olderSchool Discipline contains three stories of discipline, submission, dominance, and humiliation in the classroom.Disciplining the TeacherIf she's being honest, Sandra Rogers sometimes enjoys jerking around the male college students in her classes … but when she goes too far with her bad marks, she finds out there's someone in her class who won't get pushed too far. Jackson, an undergraduate after completing his military service, has discovered a dirty little secret that Sandra will do anything to keep from getting out into the open. He's willing to keep this secret between them, but he wants to be sure that still gets the punishment she so very much deserves.Caught By My ProfessorRachel Stanton has always found ways of using her good looks to get ahead, and when she arrives in college it doesn't look like that's going to have to change. But her easy ride runs out when her professor Alex Cossaign notices her flirting with a classmate only to copy his course work. The handsome professor decides it's time to teach her a little personal responsibility and m...


HDE Sheer Lace Top Damen Oberschenkel Hohe Strümpfe Gr. S, Schwarz - Schwarz

HDE Sheer Lace Top Damen Oberschenkel Hohe Strümpfe

  • Color: Schwarz - Schwarz
  • Brand: HDE
  • ASIN: B00VVP473O
  • UPC: 700355854654
  • Part No: HDE-X438 NEW15

Miniskirt Sex 2: Upskirt Erotica ~ Schoolgirl Masquerade (English Edition)

Miniskirt Sex 2: Upskirt Erotica ~ Schoolgirl Masquerade

British Upskirt EroticaThe second instalment of Alison and Jenny’s miniskirt adventures in 70s Soho. Embroiled in more danger and intrigue, the two friends dress up in naughty schoolgirl uniforms, wearing little pleated miniskirts and white cotton panties.Miniskirt Sex balances plot, characterisation, and extreme upskirt erotica for those who like a story along with the naughty bits. Panty flashing, skirt lifting, naughty uniforms, under-the-skirt, and everything upskirt – the next miniskirt ‘naughty bit’ is never far away!‘Miniskirt Sex 2’ can be read as a stand-alone book and was written with this in mind. For background details and the story so far, please see ‘Miniskirt Sex’.18+ Strictly for Adults Only

  • ASIN: B079W821S3

Forplay Naughty School Girl Uniform Costume XS/S

Forplay Naughty School Girl Uniform Costume

Naughty School Girl Uniform Costume

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Forplay
  • UPC: 847890172048
  • Part No: FP558439-XS/S

Schoolgirl Outfit Sexy Womens Ladies Fancy Dress Party Night Naughty Preppy St Trinian's School Sassy Uniform Costume (S,M) (UK Medium 12-14) 34167

Schoolgirl Outfit Sexy Womens Ladies Fancy Dress Party

Preppy Schulmädchen Kostüm, mit Hemd, Rock und Blazer: Schulanfang Kostümen oder Geschenk Kostenloser Versand innerhalb des Vereinigten Königreichs

  • Color: multi
  • Brand: Fancy Dress Four Less
  • ASIN: B07BZ551TJ

Dirty: #3 in the Innocent Tease Series (English Edition)

Dirty: #3 in the Innocent Tease Series (English

She dared not look down, to see that silver-haired fox suckle at her with carnal hunger.Amy’s a beautiful young woman with innocent charm and buxom curves at her disposal. After graduating, all she wants is to stay in school, as a teacher rather than a student. But first she has some important men of power to sway to her side.Her mind has been opened to such carnal delights, first by the priest of her town, then by her older crush. But when the Mayor finds her with a see-through blouse, and no bra, he’s more than willing to approve her request. As long as he was allowed a chance at her fertile, innocent body.